so you need to make a

Major Dent

in your to do list

What if you could go from overwhelmed to done IN A DAY?

i'm in

sound familiar?

You’ve already tried to DIY "XYZ" but it just doesn’t look as good as you want it to

You have the idea, but keep hitting roadblocks on the tech side of things

You have a to do list a mile long and not enough time

girl, you know it’s time to ask for help.

Introudicng the Day Rate

Hire a professional to knock out those pesky to do’s that have been sitting on your list


book me for the day

Here's What You Can Do

with the day rate:

Updates to existing website design

Set up Honeybook account and workflows

Create a freebie workbook to build an email list

Design a business card

Design a new website page from scratch

Audit your current site for missing links and more

Create an ideal client avatar

Update existing brand or add new visual brand assets

Design a rack card for local networking

Build an outline to help you DIY your website design

Setup email marketing platform

Write a welcome email nurture sequence

don't worry, I'll be channeling my inner

Hermione Granger

during our time together

Ashlee Mckenzie

She took the ideas from head and made my dream brand come true. Overall I had the BEST experience. 10/10 recommend.

Raelynn Ramsay

Harley spent hours with me from picking colors, all the way to helping me with what to say! I recommend her to anyone in need of an awesome website!

Mary Moran

I can't say enough about how this process has changed my business. It's not just a website. The process helped me see gaps in my support process.


How it Works

inquire for availability

book your day rate

complete prep work

start your day rate with a kick off call

I'll get to work (Hermione Granger style)

end the day with a summary call + next steps







this is for doulas who...

are not starting from scratch

have the idea already, but just need help with actually DOING it

need to focus on their clients and don’t have time to check off their to do’s

this is NOT for doulas who...

need a completely new brand

don’t have a website

aren’t ready to invest in their business

options for every budget

4 hours

I'm yours for half the day - let's knock out your to do's


1 hour

AKA the Power Hour - great for overall strategy and little fixes


6 hours

Me + you for the entire day - we're going to get SO much done!


book me for the day

Let's get started! Inquire below for day rate availability. FYI - I only book 2 day rates a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

Can you design a website or a full brand in a day?

Unfortunately, big projects such as designing a full website or brand from scratch is not something that can be covered in a day rate. I'm not offering this service at this time.

What if I need help with something not already mentioned?

The beauty of the day rate is I'll work on WHATEVER you want/need me to! I'm also happy to offer direction if you're feeling a little lost.

Do you offer payment plans?

Since you are paying for my time, payment in full is required at the time of booking.

What if I you don't finish all the to do's on my list?

Hopefully this doesn't happen very often. We'll decide together, based on how much you want to get done, the appropriate day rate option for you. If things take a little longer than we thought, we'll finish it up in another day rate at a discounted price.

What if I need help with something not already mentioned?

Great question! Since we are cramming a lot of work into a small time frame, it's required that you are available for communication during the day rate hours. This allows me to work even more efficiently, as I'll be getting immediate feedback from you.

Do not book a day where you are traveling or on vacation. Cancelled day rates will not be refunded.

During a free discovery call, we'll discuss how I can best help you within your budget.

let's have a chat

Not sure which option suits you best?

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