As a doula...


It’s my job to help you do more of


Hey girl! I'm Harley.

I help doulas with their business, branding and websites so they can support more mothers.

I’m a designer for doulas who struggle with attracting clients. 

I totally get how you’re feeling, because I’ve been there myself. 

You’re overwhelmed, but extremely passionate about making a difference for mothers and their children. You have all the enthusiasm in the world, but you’re swamped with all the things Google & doula Facebook groups are telling you to do to start your doula business.

You don’t know where to start, and you just wish someone could hold your hand and walk you through it.

I know firsthand what that call to be a doula feels like - I used to be one.

I still feel that calling, and I know you’re here because you feel it too.

I experienced the life-changing magic of an empowered birth with doula support. I had a traumatic first experience with birth, followed by severe PPD that lasted for years.

My first birth broke me, but my second birth, with my doula's help, healed me. I went on to have a perfect homebirth with my third, and am an advocate for informed consent and birth autonomy *just like you*.

While it was a hard pill to swallow, I realized that doula work wasn’t a match for my current season in life. As a young mother juggling two littles, migraines, and benign positional vertigo, I didn’t see how I could physically support someone else at the cost of my own health and family. 

i chose to become a doula because...

this realization changed everything.

I just needed to figure out how. I did a lot of self-discovery AND asked doulas what they needed help with, what problems were holding them back, and what keeps them up at night.

I discovered that most doulas, while extremely empathetic and compassionate individuals, need a little boost when it comes to the business side of doula work. Specifically, the golden answer to

i knew i still wanted to work in the birthing community,

“How the heck can I get more clients?”

I figured out how I was going to best fit in the birthing community and help more mothers by helping their doulas.

So, after a little bit of soul (and internet) searching,

strategy & design

today, my zone of genius is:

I take all the different puzzle pieces of your business and put them together in a way that makes sense, actually sells, and looks good.

Specifically, I help doulas start and grow their business, create a thriving brand, and develop a website that gets them clients.

I get to educate and inspire doulas to work ON their business, not just in it.

what lights me up?

Helping doulas be confident in attracting consistent clients through:

Let me be your doula.

consults on how to start & grow their business

direction on creating a thriving brand

education about how to develop a website that builds trust & lands clients

doula agency

I own a

experienced doula

I'm an

I've got less than 5 births under my belt, and I'm overwhelmed & don't know where to start

newbie doula

I'm a

what kind of doula are you?

I've got 2-5 years of doula experience under my belt & I need a better website

I've got doulas working for me, clients out the wazoo, & need custom design work + more done

Mary Moran

Birthworkers, keep an eye on Harley! She just *gets* it and the proof is in the pudding.

erika phillips

Your template has been an answer to my prayers! It has been such a good experience.

Raelynn Ramsay

Harley spent hours with me from picking colors, all the way to helping me with what to say! I recommend her to anyone in need of an awesome website!


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