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The Top Doula Website Mistakes I See as a Website Designer



In the two years since I’ve been focusing on doulas + their websites, I’ve come across a wide variety of websites… all the way from extremely sketchy looks-like- a- scam sites to professionally-done-they-definitely-paid-for-it sites.


There are some common themes that pop up with most sites – and I thought it would be helpful to share this with doulas from the perspective of a website designer. I think I’ve only seen 2 or 3 doula sites (out of the hundreds I’ve seen) that didn’t have any of these mistakes.


Mistake #1 – Confusing Your Site Visitors


If a potential client gets confused while clicking around on your site, you’re going to lose them. If you’ve heard any of my episodes before, you’ll know I say this a lot:


If you confuse them, you lose them.


What are some ways you might confuse your client on your website?


A) You have too many menu options


Having more than 5 main menu options will overwhelm your potential client. If you have multiple services, you can “nest” them under a main menu option such as services or work with me. This is a topic I dive into on Episode 3: Creating a Doula Website Strategy.


B) You have too much information on your site


Here’s the thing – it’s great to have a lot of information on your website, but there is such a thing as too much. If you’re just word stuffing to make it look better, that’s just going to make people miss the real information they need to know. Go through the site strategy episode + get a clear picture of what information your potential client is looking for when they land on your site. Focus on that information and cut the fluff.


Too much information means they miss the information they actually need to hear.


C) The words on your website are all the same size


Something important in the design of your website is making sure you break up your text with headings + subheadings. These headings and subheadings are different from your paragraph text with either a different font, bolded, italicized, or size.


Mistake #2 – Having Red Flags


Have you ever researched a service provider online and decided to go with someone else? Sometimes this is an unconscious decision – you just get a weird feeling and click out. Sometimes it rings a few warning bells and you think, “Are they for real? Is this a scam?”


The way you present your website can give off subliminal messages, green flags or red flags. I want you to avoid these red flags:


A) Bad photography


I’ve already extensively covered this subject in Episode 4: Guest Interview with Brand Photographer Madison Thomson, but needless to say – just think about the last time you hopped on Etsy or Amazon. Did you make a decision on what to buy based off the photos? 


B) Inconsistent branding


One of the ways you can subliminally turn away potential clients is when you have conflicting colors, fonts, photo styles and more on your site. This speaks to people that if you’re inconsistent with something small like this, what if you are inconsistent in your doula support? 


Consistency builds trust.


I might be repeating myself, but I dive into Doula Branding 101 in a previous episode if you want to learn more about it.


C) Hiding your pricing


In this day and age, people are doing their research online and are comparing doulas to each other instantly. A significant part of people’s decision to hire a doula is their budget, specifically how much you cost.


If you don’t list your pricing, I’m assuming you want people to contact you to find out how much you cost, right? I’m going to be honest with you, most people aren’t going to take the time to do that, AND they are probably not going to wait for a reply. Then it’s a game of early-bird-gets-the-worm – whichever doula responds the fastest and books a coffee date (aka builds a personal connection) is usually the one who signs the client.


If you don’t list your pricing on your website, people will close out your website’s tab and move on to the next doula.


If you like creating custom packages or don’t have exact pricing, give a range or at least a starting point. 


D) Making it really hard to get the info site visitors want


In this day and age, people are doing their research online and are comparing doulas to each other instantly. What are the things they’re looking for?


They want to know:

  • How much do your services cost
  • Do they like/trust you or how you doula
  • How do they book or get in touch with you


If your website doesn’t have that information easily accessible with a clear path straight to it, that’s a red flag. It’s not an immediate turn off (for most people), but that combined with some other red flags might just tip them over the edge to calling it off.


On that note, the way you layout your website will affect the way someone experiences your website. Are they hacking a path through a Jumanji jungle and getting frustrated that they are getting lost or can’t find the info they need quickly? Or are they getting the valet experience and told what they need to hear when they need it?


Broken links can also be a red flag, especially when it happens more than once. This is when someone clicks on a button and it goes to a 404 page. That’s a roadblock to getting the info they need.


Last thing, if you make the path to the information they need have too many clicks (or steps) to get there, that can also add to their frustration and be a red flag.


Get the information they need to make a decision to work with you and put it front and center. Highlight it (or a direct path to it) on the home page.


For example – for the “how much do your services cost” question – you can put a section right below your above the fold header on your home page that shows your different services and a direct link to view them.




Going through your website should be a breeze, not a battle.

They should land on your page and boom, the info they need is right there. Easy click and boom, questions answered.


Guiding people’s experience with your website is the first step to providing a high-touch service. Knowing what people need before they need it is somewhat of a doula specialty, am I right?


This is the same thing, just a little bit different. Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes when they pop onto google and type in “doulas in XYZ city”. What questions do they have? What images or words would immediately put them at ease? How can you make your website experience appeal to them?


That’s why the strategy is so important folks – that’s the theme around here. Before diving right in, doulapreneurs are the ones who make a plan first.




If you want to make a plan first and don’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered. My Doula Website Roadmap freebie is the perfect place to start when approaching the Mt. Everest that is your doula website.


Check it out 👇

(click to download)



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