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Naming a Doula Business Case Study


Today’s episode is an in depth behind-the-scenes look at

naming a doula business 

Rachel Anderson and I walk through the strategic process of naming a business that will fit hopefully for years to come, while also attracting her ideal clients.

Since this is a longer episode (promise it’s worth it!), I’ve included helpful chapter links so you can skip around easily.




chapter links are located in the podcast episode description for easy chapter surfing!




Background + Rachel’s Story 0:00

How Rachel Wants to Doula 6:27

Rachel’s Special Sauce in Doula Work (Cranial Sacral Therapy) 8:42

Rachel’s Ideal Client – 14:06

Why Knowing Your Ideal Client Benefits Your Business 16:03

Feeling Out Rachel’s Brand Vibe + Adjectives 17:24

Rachel’s Unique Selling Proposition 22:23

Background Recap 26:58





Name Brainstorm 31:55

Landing on the Name + Tagline Work  57:47

Why Naming Your Business is a Process 59:01

Differentiating from other local businesses 59:46

Landing on the perfect word *big reaction! 1:06

Final version of full name + tagline of Rachel’s doula business 1:07




Next Steps 1:08

DIY Doula Website Guide 1:09 

Battling the Overwhelm in Starting a Doula Business 1:10

Difference Between Brand Strategy & Naming the Business 1:13

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